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Body Hair Removal
Hair Services
Nail Services
Esthetics: Skin Care & Body
Hair Services

Hair Services:
Include: Cutting, Styling, Updos, Hair Color applications /correction, High/Low lightsTexture Services such as
Permanent waving, Relaxers, Keratin Smoothing Treatments.  
Hair Conditioning Treatments, and the ultimate;
Our “Spa Shampoo Experience”

LEADWAY beauty & health spa   is proud to present: “The Spa Shampoo Experience”
 Starts with the" Scientific Brushing": a method of properly brushing the hair designed to gently stimulate the
sebaceous glands of the scalp, spreading your scalp's natural oils for naturally shiny & healthier hair, this
Brushing method also promotes hair growth by strengthening each hair follicle at the base, while at the same
time removing dead cells, dirt and dandruff. The Scientific Brushing is followed by a shampoo that includes
a scalp massage, which helps blood circulate, and bring much needed nutrients to the hair follicles where hair
grows; the Massage is specific to touch up on the motor points, which can be either invigorating or relaxing
depending on the client's state. The above process is performed in a very relaxing scenario.

Finish your “Spa Shampoo experience” with, one of our deep conditioning treatments & Hair style.

Design Cut Woman – Short hair > $20
Design Cut Men >$15
Shampoo, blow dry – Short hair > $20
Shampoo, blow dry – Short hair >$20
Flat Iron >$20
Styling: Finger Waving, Etc. Price on consultation
Shampoo ,Roller Sets & Dry: short Hair > $25
Scientific Brushing & Conditioning Treatment > $20
Try Our Unique “Spa Shampoo Experience” >$25
Hair Extensions Price on consultation
Hair Extensions Remove per extension >$2 each
Special occasions styles, Up Do’s > $40
Single –process Color Touch Up   (Styling not included) >$25
Single –process Color Full Head    (Styling not included) >38
Single –process Color with blow dry (Styling not included) $52
Double –process Color   > $68
Corrective Color Price on consultation  
Add on Gloss or Toner (Styling not included) $20
Highlights or lowlights – partial   (Styling not included) >$35
Highlights or lowlights – Full head ( Styling not included) >$58
Hair Straightening- Relaxers Touch Up (Styling not included) $45
Hair Straightening- Relaxers Full Head (Styling not included) > $59
Keratin Pricing depends on hair length, Texture and Volume
â–ºPrices, Packages & Special promotions are subject to change